A cyst is a sac or pouch that forms under the skin or in bone. The cyst can be empty or contain fluid. Oral cysts are found in the head or neck. They can be in the jawbone, or in soft tissues such as the salivary glands, skin or inside the mouth.Without treatment, a cyst may continue to get larger. Cysts are removed by surgery.

An oral surgeon does this procedure under local anesthesia. If the cyst is infected, you may be given antibiotics. A large cyst also can weaken the jaw because the cyst replaces the hard bone tissue. This makes the jaw more likely to break. The surgeon would like to have an 3D digital tomography to visulize the borders of the cyst prior to operation to perform safely.The jaw can become inflamed, infected and painful.


The result is always excellent because cysts can be totally removed by surgery. However, some cysts return. People who have had a cyst removed should be checked from time to time by the surgeon to follow the healing period.

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