Dental implants  are artificial roots, usually made of titanium, used  to support restorations that resemble a tooth or group of teeth to replace missing teeth.

implant-1Implants are the most advanced method to replace a missing tooth or a group of teeth. Latest developments in implant dentistry enables us to perform  simple,fast and painless implant placement operations. The new  surface coating of implants speeds up the bome-implant integration and allows to place the final tooth on implant earlier.

The latest studies proved tha implants having SLA Active surface showed 99% success rate.


Stitchless (Flapless) Implant placement

Stitchless ( or flapless as we say) implant placement is also a technique
that ve frequently perform.the operation onyl takes 5-10 minutes.
After this operation you will not have any stithches around the implant site. So, you will feel more comfortable during and after the implant placement procedure.




Just as you imagine;

Our patient' s safety is our first priority. We are working hard to provide a risk-free treatment approach for our patients,

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