What is Pedodontics?

Pedodontics or pediatric dentistry is the branch of dentistry which specializes in diagnosis, treatment and prevention of teeth in infants and children who are under the age of 15. The Dentists who specializes in dentistry for children is known as Pedodontist and they receive an extensive four years of training in child psychology, growth and development which make them certified pedodontist. They work towards the maintainence of baby teeth (milk teeth) untill they are naturally lost. They also provide a guidance in context to good and healthy nutritious diet which plays a vital role in eating habits and ways to prevent cavities from occuring. Finding a pedondontics for your infant should start at age of zero.

Pedodontics says that negligence in oral health care in children leads to tooth decay which results in decrease school performance and social relationships. Hence Oral care should begin soon after the child’s birth as there is nothing more beautiful than a child’s smile. This beautiful smile needs a proper care and attention. Taking care of the teeth from starting makes a child having cavity free set of teeth.

  • – Pedodontic Dentistry may include some or all of the following:
  • – Child dietry consultation
  • – Routine dental check up
  • – Dental education and behavioural management
  • – Fluoride application treatment
  • – Cleaning and polishing teeth
  • – Restorations and tooth colour filling of tooth
  • – Sealant of the permanent teeth
  • – Space maintainer
  • – Root canal treatment


Hence a pedodontist care for children’s oral health from birth through adolescence.

Preventative care is a big part of the practice of a pedodontist, as early intervention during dental development can head off a variety of problems, from occlusion issues to cavities. This care can include dental education to help children learn to care for their teeth and gums, along with prophylactic procedures such as sealing the teeth to prevent cavities. Pedodontists work with children from infancy to adolescence, providing dental care as the mouth and teeth develop.

Pedodontists also customize their care to keep children comfortable and happy. Reducing stress in children makes it easier to provide dental care, and it also creates a lifelong comfortable relationship with dentists and dentistry. Since some adults experience fear of the dentist which has been exacerbated by the care they received as children, getting people to accept dentistry is an important part of the practice of a pedodontist, ensuring that children will grow up into adults who regularly seek dental care.

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