Why Orthodontics ?

The misalignments of the teeth or jaws results in orthodontic problems. Having an orthondic problem may inhibit further prosthetic treatments aesthetical and functional outcomes. That is why orthodontic treatment comes prior to other treatment types. One must have his/her own teeth aligned properly since no prosthesis can be as good as natural teeth.

Treatment age and duration

The orthodontic therapy is mostly depends on the movement of the teeth. So ıt can be applied to all ages with one difference; duration. The standart orthodontic therapy usually lasts 1,5 or 2 yrs
The functional orthodontic therapy is closely related to age of the patient.this kind of therapies must start at early ages under control.if you notice any kind of difference on your chidren’s facial apperance you should have an orthodontic consultation at the age of 6.


  • – Fixed Devices
  • – Standart orthodontic therapy
  • – Lingual orthodontic therapy
  • – Removable Devices
  • – Removable therapy
  • – Functional orthodontic therapy
  • – Invisible Orthodontics


For parents

First visit: take your kid to the dentist before havin a problem or pain. This is crucial for not raising a dentist phobia.

Age of 6: The first permanen molar tooth will erupt at the age of 6 at the very end of temporary teeths on both jaws and on both sides. So it is generally thought by parents for being part of a primary dentition.The chewing surfaces of permanent teeth have usually cracks similar to that of a valley. These cracks are thinner than the bristles of toothbrushes and it is difficult to remove food residues entering here. Fissure sealant is produced basing on the principle of closure of these cracks before the formation of caries for prevention of such caries.

Early loss of primar dentition: Deciduous molar teeth need to get a filling in case of decay. This is because deciduous teeth acts as a placeholder underneath for the permanent teeth which will erupt. In the event of deciduous teeth loss an orthodontist or Pediatric Dentist will need to examine to determine whether a placeholder is needed or not. This will prevent the need of a long lasting orthodontic treatment in future.

Bad habits: the age of 2-4 are the deadline for ginig up the habits like thumbsucking, pacifier or infant swallowing. After the age of 4 these habits may cause serious skeletal orthodontic problems requiring complex treatments.

Mouth breathing:  The orthodontic problems may also occur as a result of the tonsils, adenoid, mouth breathing or atypical (infancy) swallowing. The main objective in the children’s orthodontics is to eliminate the cause of orthodontic problems. Children getting cold easily and often , sleeping his/her mouth open must be examined by orthodontist and ENT specialist necessarily. Sometimes, the orthodontic disorders can be stopped by simple measures applied very easily without inserting any braces or dentures. If the cause is eliminated by taking appropriate measures in children, the orthodontic and orthopedic problems can improve at a certain level.

Brushing: make your kids brush their teeth both on morning and on evening.especially the evening session is highly recommended to be done with the company of parents. So they will not only learn how to brush but also get rid of the plaque thorougly before the saliva gets denser during nighttime.

Hard and watery foods: the hard and fiberous food like apple,carrot or etc must be preferred instead of the chocalate and candy . thsi will let the kid to massage the gums and teeth whlie taking the bite and chewing.

Just as you imagine;

Our patient' s safety is our first priority. We are working hard to provide a risk-free treatment approach for our patients,

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