It is a treatment method applied in stuations when the nerves inside the tooth (pulp tissue) damaged  unhealablely by the causes like caries or trauma or when a lesion is formed by the inflamation getting out of the tooth.

Root Canal Treatment

In natural structure of the tooth, there are canals which includes nerves. The whole procedure of removing of the inflamed nerves inside these canals, disinfenting those canals and afterwards filling those canals with a tissue friendly material is  called root canal treatment.

With the special root canal instruments, automatic rotary head, specific devices indicating structural differences and length of the root and special canal filling materials, success of the traetment is guaranted. With these new devices that measure the length of the channel during root canal treatment, extra X-ray is no longer necessary. It is important to know the possible differences in dental tissues and use these devices, where appropriate, to complete the treatment. 

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